Make the Help Code

Only a few more weeks are open for you to design The Help Code. Perhaps like me, you have asked yourself why 70% or more of sexual assault and human trafficking crimes go unreported. As an artist, that inquiry led me to create a  visual language of 18 pictographic symbols I call The Help Code. The Help Code assists victims and witnesses to safely and anonymously report violent crimes.


You can join in designing The Help Code by taking this short survey. In it you will decide which symbols best represent a noun or verb. Keep in mind that each symbol must be able to be written on any surface with any material at hand.  The symbols must also be readable frontwards, backwards, upside down and reversed. 



Thanks to Winthrop University's IRB committee and Qualtrics software, you can participate in one of three polling initiatives by clicking the appropriate button below. You may withdraw from the questionnaire at any point, however your answers will not count unless you complete and submit the form. Each poll is completely confidential with no IP addresses or personal information recorded.  You may return to the website after completing the questionnaire and share the link with others. Thanks for your help! The Help Code results will be published in 2020.

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