Artist's Statement



Feelings about the world around me press into my thoughts in the studio. Accepting these emotions without bias or judgement helps me keep my vision simple as I interpret them with guidance from my "inner adult." 


In my Lowcountry studio near Charleston, verdant dramas unfold in the wetland bogs. Favorite fauna and animals, warm, loamy soil, and active, outdoorsy type friends populate my environment. On the other hand, my studio south of Charlotte in Rock Hill has an intellectual, artsy feel and pulses with a vibrant creative community and bustling economic growth. Blending the strong feelings evoked by these two disparate locations requires an expression that encompasses both, yet remains faithful to each experience. What works best is to create many smaller painted components which can be assembled together to form one work; The urban energy and architecture of the Piedmont finds expression happily next to a quiet Lowcountry botanical. Neither fractured nor fused, these modular paintings form an aesthetic cooperative amongst themselves, to create works of many sizes. There is no limit to how few or how many panels are required to create "a work."