Rev. John Bambrick and Rome, 2019

Wool, coyote lure, onion skin and acid dye, steel, wood. 80" x 36" x 72".

The Story

Rev. John Bambrick began his career as an activist at 15 when he ousted serial predator Fr. Anthony Joseph Eremito in 1986. Since then Rev. Bambrick has worked within the church to seek removal of priests accused of sexual assault. Fr. Joseph never faced prosecution for his multiple sexual crimes against Bambrick or other children and worked for the church until 2002. Rev. Bambrick testifies for many victims within the church and continues to work as an activist.


The Work

The figure of Bambrick is rendered with iconic gold wool to represent those who work for justice from within religious organizations.  I have depicted Rome as a humiliating, prophylactic-shaped tube sprouting gross phallic noses because it is an obscene parody of the purpose of clergy. Christian art rarely depicts Jesus's sexually humiliating crucifixion honestly. If even Christ's sexual suffering is hidden or "covered up", what hope is there for the young victims of pedophile clergy?


The Crimes

Identities and crimes: Clergy, teachers, supervisors, male predators, male-to-female sexual assault, male-to-male sexual assault, silencing, quid pro quo.

Copyright 2019, Chris Smith Evans

Qualtrics Copyrighted by Winthrop Unviversity and Chris Smith Evans

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