Felted wool, onion-skin and acid dye, wood. 2013.


The Story

The Canaries are about choice. In interactive installations the Canaries are harbingers of both danger and invisible toxins. They loom above The Help Code Key to compel viewers to notice and make the choice to engage with this interactive art.  This is the moment of critical transformation, where the audience changes from viewer to dynamic social actor by engaging with the sculptures in the context of ousting predators.  Canaries challenges the viewer to choose the non-violent engagement with The Help Code. 

The Work

This work is interdisciplinary social practice which is a fancy way of saying it's about social subjects relating to community issues.  The Help Code poll and the interactive sculptures are two ways of doing that. Canaries is a bit different.  The Canaries are prompts for viewer interaction withThe Help Code workshops in felting the wool. Workshops making Canaries offer a way for children to interact with social art while having a lot of fun.

Image #5_ViewB_Canaries_Detail_2019_felt
bright Installation panorama 2019.jpg

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