Artwork and Social Action

Contemporary American artist Chris Smith Evans' work includes textiles, sculptures, installations, collages and paintings.  Ms. Evans invites the public to interact with a 200-day, collective social action to end sexual violence and human trafficking by participating in The Help Code polling initiative, available through the questionnaire on this website. The Help Code questionnaire has been presented at meetings of the South Carolina Human Trafficking Task Force through the Office of the Attorney General. 

Interactive Polling Initiative

The Help Code questionnaire offers 20 easy sight-identification questions in which viewers decide which of several signs will best help victims and witnesses of sexual assault and human trafficking anonymously oust predators.

The Help Code questionnaire may be accessed through the menu above and through links on this website. The questionnaire is available until April of 2020 at which time answers will be codified into an effective, visual code. The poll is conducted in partnership with Winthrop University and approved through their Internal Review Board. It is anonymous and confidential. Users digital information is completely confidential and untraceable. Click here to help design the symbols.

If you would like your organization to partner with creating or dispersing The Help Code or if you are interested in the artist speaking at your event, click Partnerships for more information. | textile and fiber artist | Social justice interactive installations