Interactive Art Installations

My work is about equipping witnesses and victims of sexual assault and human trafficking with a tool to anonymously oust predators. By taking the Reiter Symbols's Questionnaire and engaging with interactive installations of art, viewers have the opportunity to that tool. The installations offer a way to kinesthetically oust predators by using the Reiter Symbols . A central panel containing a symbol Key, directions, a hand-held guide and groups of felted Reiter Symbols' squares activates the installations. By reading the information in the central panel viewers learn ways they can interact with the symbols.


The sculptures are divided into three groups, white wool heads which parody real-life human predators, gold wool reliefs of the victims or witnesses who ousted them, and birds (canaries). Connecting the gold and white heads are paths of black felted wool.  Viewers read the true stories of victims and witnesses and find symbols which identify the predator and their crimes. By placing the matching Reiter Symbols squares on the connecting wool paths, participants can mark the crimes and identities of serial predators and kinesthetically "oust" them. 



All of the sculptures are made from sustainably raised and hand-processed wool from the threatened Lincoln sheep and dyed with low impact or natural, onion-skin dye. Touch is important in my work and offering viewers use of the tactile felted squares is a way to increase their connection to it. Substrates of steel or wood facilitate the presentation of the pieces.

Image#1_View C__ReiterSymbols_ Hand-held

The Ethics of Sheep, 2019. Felt,  onion skin and acid dye, wood, steel. 9' x 45.5' x 21.5'.

Major General Paween Pongsirin and the Trafficking Network of Manus Kongpan, 2019.

Felted Wool, onion-skin dye, coyote lure, wood, steel, 80" x 36" x 72".

“This is to help people who are suffering.          What I have done is righteous. I had to do just my duty, not to think of danger or trouble."

                                            Paween Pongsirin

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