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Chris Smith Evans is a professional artist who has exhibited her work in galleries and museums throughout the United States. Her paintings, sculptures and collages appear in hundreds of private collections. Chris Smith Evans was born Cynthia Suerstedt in Newport Rhode Island in 1950 and raised in a military family.  After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin Evans moved to Manhattan for several years where her work garnered attention from art critics Lucy Lippard, Suzanne Volmer and Grace Glueck.  Evans became involved with Vietnam Veterans Against the War and exhibited her political works with such artists as Andreas Serrano, Peter Saul, Nancy Spero, Leon Golub, Roger Brown, Sue Coe, William T. Wiley and May Stevens. Evans’s life and work have historically centered on themes of social justice, non-violence. and passive resistance. 

Moving to Chicago in 1991 Evans joined a faith-based community where her art was represented privately and collected intensively. In addition to painting and sculpture Evans has used art to enhance everyday communication with non-verbal children, which led to her M.A. in Special Education at Saint Xavier University in 2009 and an M.F.A. from Winthrop University in 2019.  Evans' most ambitious project to date is a hieroglyphic language she has created for victims of sexual assault and human trafficking to safely identify their assailants. Calling the language The Help Code Evans has engaged the public through cooperative polls and public presentations, most recently at the South Carolina Office of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force in Columbia, SC. 

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