Want to do more to help end sexual violence? Here are some fast and easy ways to get involved.

1. Forward the Web Address of Chris Smith Evans.

The questionnaire is an opinion poll and as such is carefully regulated. According to my agreement with Winthrop University, all participants must link to the questionnaire through my website address at There is no cost and digital addresses are not retained. You may cut and paste my web address located above into an email or social media message. The questionnaire is not accessible through search engines and I do not use Google analytics. 

2. Share the Questionnaire.

Click the share button and forward the web address to your friends. The questionnaire is time-sensitive and will only be available for a few months until March 2020. 

3. Link Your Website to

Links are a great way to create your community-of-care profile.  By linking your organization to this website your viewers know you are supporting this effort. It costs nothing but the brief time it takes to create the link. If you need more information or have questions, please send an email to

4. Fiscal Partners

Fiscal partners are important because they take on the paperwork of donations and permit me to work on the questionnaire and Reiter Symbols full time. Fiscal

partners are a legal and financial method known as 501(c)(3) like a public charity or non-profit, that provides a financial and legal umbrella for an endeavor designed

and initiated by an independent artist. If a private person is interested in funding my work, they simply send the money to the 501(c)(3), who then sends the donation

to me after deducting the cost of the administration of the funds. This helps financial partners who wish to contribute money to this effort and supports of network

of non-profits who serve similar causes.

5. Financial Contributions

I do not sell art from this website nor do I take financial contributions for speaking to groups about the Reiter Symbol Questionnaire. My work is financed through my

professional work and sales of Lincoln wool on Etsy. That said, donations are currently accepted through one of my fiscal partners, Friday Arts Project in Rock Hill, SC.

Click here to go to their website.

6. Speaking at Your Event

I do not charge local organizations to speak at your event about the Reiter Symbols Questionnaire. Please contact the artist for details and reservations.

Copyright 2019, Chris Smith Evans

Qualtrics Copyrighted by Winthrop Unviversity and Chris Smith Evans

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