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The project began with sustainable materials. The wool seemed perfect, an absorbent, comforting material. Finding farms that were also following sustainable practices with their animals was easier than expected. However, this often meant that the wool required many washings as the sheep were pastured throughout the year.

The Symbols

Each symbol was designed and tested for recognition by 200 volunteers through an interactive Qualtrics, polling initiative licensed by Winthrop University. In order to be included in "the Help Code", the image needed to have agreement with 70% or more viewers as representing a perpetrator's crime, occupation or gender.

Image#1_View B__ReiterSymbols'_ Key_2019_wall text_36_x36_.jpg
JohnBambrick_PriestSystemweb_2 copy 2.jpg

Do any of us set out to be a hero? Circumstances often create heroes. In the case of human trafficking and sexual assault, stepping up to reveal perpetrators is often a quite dangerous task. These four individuals inadvertently found themselves in circumstances where they chose to be heroic, even though it might cost them their career or even their life.

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