Rochelle Herman-Walrond and Serial Predator Jared Folge, 2019.

Wool felt, onion-skin and acid dyes, wood, steel. 80"x 36"x 80".

The Story

Miami reporter Rochelle Herman-Walrond met Subway spokesman Jared Fogle at one of his middle-school tours. After witnessing Fogle’s bizarre sexual misconduct with the students, Herman-Walrond reported him to Subway Inc. executives. They ignored her. Undaunted, Herman-Walrond went to the F.B.I. and with their help recorded five years of Fogel's confessions of sexual assault and trafficking of children. Subway executives continued to cover up for Fogle for years before his prosecution. He is currently incarcerated for 5-16 years in a Colorado prison.

The Work

Serial predator Jared Fogle’s two-faced sculpture is appropriately impaled on a pike. Herman-Walrond's head is heroic in proportion and elevated above the viewer. Like many of those who have ousted serial predators, Herman-Wolrond was without a legal support network and endured death threats to complete her goal of ending Fogle's crime spree. 

The Crimes

Select the Reiter Symbols to match the crimes in the survey: Male predator, trafficking, male-to-male, male-to-female sexual assault. 

Copyright 2019, Chris Smith Evans

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